Vodafone 2024 Annual Report


Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

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About Vodafone

We are a leading European and African telecommunications company transforming the way our customers live and work through our technology, platforms, products and services.

Where we operate We operate mobile and fixed networks in 15 countries and have stakes in a further seven countries through our joint ventures and associates. We also partner with mobile networks in 43 countries outside our footprint. Our portfolio of local markets is supported by corporate services and shared operations, which deliver benefits through scale and standardisation.

How we are structured and what we sell Our business comprises of infrastructure assets, shared operations, growth platforms and retail and service operations. Our retail and service operations are split across three broad business lines: Vodafone Business, Europe Consumer and Africa Consumer. Core connectivity products and services in fixed and mobile account for the majority of our revenue. However, our portfolio also includes high return growth areas that leverage and complement our core connectivity business, such as digital services, the Internet of Things (‘IoT’) and financial services. We market and sell through digital and physical channels.

Europe 1


9 countries

6 countries

98m mobile customers 17m fixed customers 4m converged customers

157m mobile customers 46m FinTech users

We serve private and public sector customers of all sizes with a broad range of connectivity services, supported by our dedicated global network. We have unique scale and capabilities, and are expanding our portfolio of products and services into growth areas such as unified communications, cloud & security, and IoT.

Vodafone Business €8bn service revenue

We provide a range of market leading mobile and fixed line connectivity services in our European markets. Our converged plans combine these offerings, providing simplicity and better value for our customers. Other value added services include our Consumer IoT propositions, as well as security and insurance products.

We provide a range of mobile services. The demand for mobile data is growing rapidly driven by the lack of fixed broadband access and by increased smartphone penetration. Together with Vodacom’s VodaPay super-app and the M-Pesa payment platform, we are the leading provider of financial services, as well as business and merchant services in Africa.

Africa Consumer €5bn service revenue

Europe Consumer 1 €16bn service revenue

Note: 1. Includes Turkey.

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