Vodafone 2024 Annual Report


Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

Strategic report



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FY24 highlights

Progress against our strategic priorities We have made good initial progress against our strategic priorities, which are focused on Customers, Simplicity and Growth. We have right-sized our European portfolio for growth. During the year we announced: – UK: merger of Vodafone UK and Three UK €8bn – Italy: sale of Vodafone Italy to Swisscom €5bn – Spain: sale of Vodafone Spain to Zegona We are now focused on growing telecommunications markets, where we have strong assets and good scale. Progress against our strategic priorities:

FY24 results

Our financial performance was slightly ahead of expectations for the year.

Organic service revenue growth 1





4.2% 3.6% 4.0%

3.4% 1.6%


Q4 FY24 Q3 FY24 Q2 FY24 Q1 FY24 Q4 FY23

Group – All segments growing in FY24 – Group growth accelerated in Q4 – Vodafone Business +5.4% growth in Q4

Group excluding Turkey


Revenue market share

Consumer NPS


Adjusted EBITDAaL

Germany UK

+2.2% 2


€12.4bn €11.0bn

Other Europe South Africa




Key: Improved Deteriorated


FY23 EBTDAaL (re-presented)

FY23 EBTDAaL (reported)

Italy & Spain

FY24 EBTDAaL (reported)

Network quality Very good reliability in all European markets. German cable network quality recognised in 4 independent tests

– On a like-for-like basis +2.2% growth in FY24 – EBITDAaL margin impacted by higher energy costs


Europe opex savings 1 €0.4bn (FY23 and FY24) Shared operations NPS +85%

Productivity 1 c.5k role reductions

8.2% 6.8% Return on capital employed (‘ROCE’) 3 1.4pp


Employee engagement +75%

FY23 (reported)

Italy & Spain

FY23 (re-presented)

FY24 (reported)

Growth 2

Pre-tax ROCE

Organic service revenue growth +6.3% Organic adjusted EBITDAal growth +2.2%

Adjusted free cash flow €2.6bn B2B organic service revenue growth +5.0%

– Higher pre-tax ROCE under the new footprint – Lower operating profit impacting year-over-year

Full year dividend: 9.0 eurocents per share

Notes: 1. Organic growth. See page 235 for more information. 2. Organic Adjusted EBITDAaL growth. 3. This is a non-GAAP measure. See page 235 for more information..

Pre-tax return on capital employed +7.5%

Click or scan to watch our Group Chief Executive, Margherita Della Valle and Chief Financial Officer provide an update on our FY24 results: investors.vodafone.com/videos

Read more about our financial performance in FY24 on pages 21 to 31

Notes: 1. Includes Vodafone Italy and Vodafone Spain. 2. These are non-GAAP measures. See page 235 for more information.

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