Vodafone 2024 Annual Report

Governance (continued) 88 Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

Strategic report



Other information

Ethnic background

Number of senior positions on the Board (CEO, CFO, SID and Chair)

Number in executive management

Percentage of executive management

Number of Board members

Percentage of the Board

White British or other White (including minority-white groups) Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups Asian/Asian British Black/African/Caribbean/Black British Other ethnic group, including Arab Not specific/prefer not to say


83.33% 0% 0% 8.33% 8.33%

4 0 0 0 0 0

9 0 2 0 1 0

75% 0% 17% 0% 8% 0%

0 1 0 1 0


Note: 1. The data reported is on the basis of gender identity. Board diversity matrix This has been prepared in accordance with the guidance issued by NASDAQ. More information can be found here: listingcenter.nasdaq.com As of 31 March 2024

As of 31 March 2023 United Kingdom

Country of Principal Executive Offices Foreign Private Issuer Disclosure Prohibited Under Home Country Law Total Number of Directors

United Kingdom

Yes No 12

Yes No 13

Gender Identity

Did Not Disclose Gender

Did Not Disclose Gender


Male Non-Binary


Male Non-Binary










Demographic Background Underrepresented Individual in Home Country Jurisdiction

1 0 0

1 0


Did Not Disclose Demographic Background

1 meetings with external advisers and stakeholders, Luka met with internal stakeholders responsible for the key business operations within his reporting line. His induction covered a range of topics including strategy, finance, commercial, legal and governance. Luka also attended teach-in sessions with the networks and digital teams. Upon joining the Board as Non-Executive Directors, Christine Ramon and Hatem Dowidar undertook a tailored onboarding programme covering a range of areas of the business including, strategy, finance, risk, and stakeholder matters. They also met with senior management from key business areas and functions, and received a briefing from our external advisers which included: Directors’ duties; the Market Abuse Regulation; and listing and disclosure obligations. Prior to Hatem joining, Christine, alongside the Chair, attended a meeting with employees after the 2023 AGM in Newbury. She also met with employees during the Board site visit to the call centre in Stoke-on- Trent. Upon appointment, all Directors receive a comprehensive induction pack which includes key background information on the Company, corporate governance guidance, and internal policies and codes. Director development and training As the external business environment in which the Group operates continues to evolve, it is crucial that our Directors’ skills and knowledge are refreshed and updated regularly. The Chair has overall responsibility for ensuring that our Non-Executive Directors receive suitable ongoing training to enable each to remain an effective Board member. Individual training requirements are reviewed regularly and the Board is kept informed of training opportunities, including those offered by our external advisers. In addition to individual tailored training, updates on corporate governance, legal and regulatory matters are also provided by way of briefing papers and presentations at Board meetings.

The data contained in the tables on this page was collected as part of the annual declaration process, whereby the Board and the Executive Committee received declaration forms for self-completion. The declaration forms included, for all individuals whose data is being reported, the same questions relating to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and disability. The data is used for statistical reporting purposes and is provided with consent. The data in the above tables is as at 31 March 2024, and there have been no changes in the period between then and the date of this report. Whilst we commit to diversity and inclusion in all its forms, all appointments are made on merit and objective criteria to ensure the appropriate mix of skills and experience on the Board, valuing the unique contribution that an individual will bring. Director appointments and onboarding Director appointments Details of the appointments to the Board made during FY24 are described in the Nominations and Governance Committee Report on page 86. Onboarding process Upon appointment, each new Director receives a comprehensive and formal induction programmed tailored to their needs, experience and the requirements of the role. Consideration is also given to Committee appointments and the Group General Counsel and Company Secretary assists the Chair in designing and facilitating the individual programmes. Onboarding is crucial to ensuring that our Directors have a full understanding of all aspects of our business, including the Group’s strategy, vision and values, to ensure they are able to contribute effectively to the Board. All Directors are also encouraged to attend site visits. Luka Mucic received a bespoke induction which focused on his responsibilities as Group Chief Financial Officer. In addition to

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