Vodafone 2024 Annual Report

80 Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

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Governance (continued) Our Company purpose, values and culture Purpose

Employee engagement Given the geographical size and complexity of our business, we utilise several employee engagement methods and communication channels between the Board, the Executive Committee, and our workforce to enable meaningful engagement. Examples of these initiatives include: Workforce Engagement Lead attendance at employee forums The Board received feedback from Delphine Ernotte Cunci and Christine Ramon, the appointed Workforce Engagement Leads, after their attendance at employee forums in Europe and Africa. It is evident from these meetings that employee delegates continue to appreciate the opportunity to speak directly to a Board member. Through these channels we understand that our people are engaged and interested in market mergers & acquisitions, the customer experience and opportunities for personal development and reskilling. Workplace communications ‘Workplace’ is our internal digital platform that allows employees to start conversations and groups on topics of their choice. The Executive Committee and internal communications team regularly post on the platform to provide updates to our people. Employees are in turn able to post and directly respond with views and questions. Key highlights in the year are shown in the table below: Post Topic Customer service improvements Our customers Discussion focus: The Vodafone Italy CEO made an announcement showcasing work that is being undertaken to improve our customer service experience. The post informed employees how processes are being simplified and customers supported with quicker callbacks from a focus on eliminating root causes. Grow with Vodafone People development Discussion focus: The Chief Human Resources Officer reiterated Vodafone’s commitment to giving everyone opportunities to learn new skills, develop and progress by sharing the launch of a learning platform. Colleagues will be able to learn new and develop existing skills that are aligned to our priorities of Customers, Simplicity and Growth. 2023 Global Heroes People development Discussion focus: The Group Chief Executive announced the winners of the Spirit of Vodafone Global Heroes Awards. These awards recognise and honour colleagues across Vodafone, who go above and beyond to serve and support our customers. From leveraging our connectivity to help those who need assistance, to putting our customers first through better service. These individuals and teams truly exemplify our goal as one Vodafone. Performance Acceleration Meetings People development Discussion focus: The Group Chief Executive provided an update on PAMs held in Germany, Italy, the UK, the EU Cluster and with _VOIS. These ‘townhall’ meetings focused on each markets progress of our action plans in relation to Customers, Simplicity, and Growth. The CEO highlighted a collective ambition to keep accelerating our transformation and the drive to do better to serve our customers and be a best-in-class telco in Europe and Africa as well as Europe’s leading B2B platform. Discussion focus: Quarterly trading update videos on financial results and Group performance were published. These enhance employees’ awareness of the financial and economic factors affecting the Group and the Company’s performance. Employee listening We have increased the opportunities for employees to share their experiences throughout their time at Vodafone. We proactively gather employees’ perspectives through the new hire life cycle, measuring sentiment in the first week, month and 90 days. Exiting employees are requested to feedback 48 hours after logging their notice. Financial results and Group performance Our business strategy and performance

Our purpose is to connect for a better future. We aim to create a digital society where everyone can thrive. The digital society that we help to enable makes communities more prosperous and resilient. However, we must seek to ensure that everyone is included, and that progress does not come at the cost of the planet. This is why we place Empowering People, Protecting the Planet, and Maintaining Trust at the heart of our business, guiding everything we do. Our purpose is championed by our Board, which is collectively responsible for the oversight and long-term success of the Company. It is aligned with our culture and our strategy, placed at the forefront of our decision making and strategy development, and the Board considers how the initiatives progressed by management throughout the year have advanced our purpose. Board oversight ensures that continued product development realises our ambition to connect for a better future. Read more about our purpose on pages 34-56 Strategy The Board monitors the Company’s progress against established strategic objectives and its performance against competitors. Board meetings are planned with reference to the Company’s strategic priorities and meeting agendas are constructed to deliver information at appropriate junctures and from a broad range of senior leaders, to enable the Board to effectively review and challenge. Read more about Vodafone’s roadmap on page 9 Governance The Board ensures the highest standard of corporate governance is maintained by regularly reviewing developments in governance best practice and ensuring these are adopted by the Company. During the year, the Board dedicated time to thoroughly evaluate its own effectiveness and that of each of the Directors individually, taking into account their independence, time commitment, preparation ahead of meetings, courage to challenge and whether they continue to contribute effectively. Consideration was also given to the arrangements in place to monitor conflicts of interest. All Directors have access to the advice of the Company Secretary, who is responsible for advising the Board on all governance matters and ensuring the Board has access to the necessary policies, processes and resources to operate efficiently and effectively. Read more about our governance structure and roles and responsibilities on pages 74-75 Values and culture The Board has a critical role in setting the tone of our organisation and championing the behaviours we expect to see throughout the Group. The ‘Spirit of Vodafone’ aligns with our purpose and strategy, which ultimately leads to a more motivated and productive workforce. The Board has continued to influence and monitor culture throughout the year and received updates on ‘Spirit of Vodafone’ initiatives, including ‘Spirit of Vodafone’ Days, bi-annual Spirit Beat surveys, the global pulse survey and surveys shared with new hires and leavers. The cultural climate in Vodafone is measured through a number of mechanisms including policy and compliance processes, internal audit, and formal and informal channels for employees to raise concerns. The latter includes our Spirit Beat survey and our whistleblowing programme, Speak Up, which is also available to the contractors and suppliers working with us. The Board is apprised of any material whistleblowing incidents. Alongside these mechanisms, the Board remains committed to engagement with the workforce, and these opportunities continue to shape how the Board influences and understands the Company’s culture. Read more about Speak Up on page 44

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