Vodafone 2024 Annual Report

59 Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

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Adverse political and policy environment Description Adverse political and policy measures impacting our strategy could result in increased costs, create a competitive disadvantage, or have a negative impact on our return on capital employed. Scenario Uncertainty in and the growing complexity of the global and national political environments may lead to unexpected political or regulatory interventions that would adversely affect our operations. Emerging factors Geopolitical tensions and ongoing conflicts amplify the risk of government intervention, which may include both protectionist interventions and security-related requirements. These could affect our operations, supply chains and conditions for competition in various ways. The increasing breadth and depth of external geopolitical challenges means there is a continuous need to adapt to effectively mitigate the changing risk environment. Heightened uncertainty from elections in 2024 and the proliferation of emerging technologies also We actively monitor the external horizon, gather intelligence to inform decision- making and proactively engage with policymakers, regulatory authorities, customers and relevant stakeholders to find mutually acceptable ways forward. As a last resort, we uphold our rights through legal means. contribute to this risk. Mitigation activities Risk ranking movement Risk owner Chief External and Corporate Affairs Officer

Description Increasing competition could lead to price wars, reduced margins, loss of market share and/or damage to market value.

Description Failure to effectively and successfully transform Vodafone to adapt to future challenges and demands could result in outdated business models, increased operational complexity, and hinder growth.

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Scenario Aggressive pricing, accelerated customer losses to low-value players on mobile and fixed, and disruptive new market entrants in key European markets could result in greater customer churn and pricing pressures, impacting our financial position. Emerging factors Emerging factors often depend on individual market structures and the competitive landscape. External factors such as local and macroeconomic pressures, may impact household and individual connectivity spend. In addition, continued aggressive penetration pricing by disruptive low-price players across markets on both mobile and fixed could accelerate customer losses and drive prices down in markets. Mitigation activities We closely monitor the competitive environment in all markets and react accordingly to both consumer and business needs. We have initiated Group-wide programmes to focus on the customers which is one of our strategic priorities. We keep investing in our brand and differentiated customer experience, and we design propositions with additional benefits, such as flexible device financing, integrated trade-in, refurbished devices, and social tariffs. In addition, in many markets we utilise ‘second’ brands to compete more effectively and efficiently in the value segment.

Scenario Changes to drive organisational simplicity could result in lower employee engagement, higher talent attrition, and failure to become a more efficient organisation. Emerging factors The scale and increasing volume of internal change being undertaken may put additional strain on our people and culture causing fatigue and/or disengagement. This could result in a failure to deliver with the focus and operational excellence required to drive success from these transformations. Additionally, the commercialisation of our shared operation capabilities to both internal and external customers, could increase the complexity of service line pricing and We have governance structures in place, sponsored by the ExCo, to align on potential changes. These structures consider internal pricing models. Mitigation activities implications, risks and mitigating actions across all relevant dimensions. Specialist teams manage our company transformation agenda. Leadership lab programmes are in place to deliver the cultural shift needed to deliver these programmes.

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