Vodafone 2024 Annual Report

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Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

Commercial paper programmes The Group currently have US and euro commercial paper programmes of US$15 billion (€13.9 billion) and €10 billion respectively which are available to be used to meet short-term liquidity requirements. At 31 March 2024 both programmes remained undrawn. The commercial paper facilities were supported by US$4.0 billion (€3.7 billion) and €4.1 billion of syndicated committed bank facilities. No amounts had been drawn under these facilities. Bonds We have two €30 billion euro medium-term note programmes and a US shelf programme which are used to meet medium to long-term funding requirements. At 31 March 2024 the total amounts in issue under these programmes split by currency were US$19.7 billion, €15.0 billion, £4.1 billion, AUS$0.5 billion, HKD$2.1 billion, NOK2.2 billion, CHF0.7 billion and JPY10.0 billion. At 31 March 2024 the Group had bonds outstanding with a nominal value equivalent to €39.5 billion. During the year ended 31 March 2024, bonds with a nominal value of €0.8 billion and £0.5 billion (€0.6 billion) were issued utilising the euro medium-term note programme. During the year bonds with nominal value €1.6 billion and US$0.3 billion (€0.3 billion) were re-purchased and bonds with a nominal value €1.8 billion and US$ 1.3 billion (€1.2 billion) matured. Bonds mature between 2024 and 2063 (2023: 2023 and 2063) and have interest rates between 0.375% and 8% (2023: 0.375% and 7.875%). Mandatory convertible bonds In March 2023 the Group concluded the last remaining share buybacks related to its mandatory convertible bonds (‘MCBs’) issuances, for which the last outstanding tranche had matured during 2022. As at 31 March 2024, no further MCBs or related instruments remain outstanding. Treasury shares The Group held a maximum of 1,825,624,610 (2023: 1,825,691,429) of its own shares during the year which represented 6.3% (2023: 6.3%) of issued share capital at that time.

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