Vodafone 2024 Annual Report

13 Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

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Our customers We are focused on deepening engagement with our customers to develop long term, valuable and sustainable relationships. We have hundreds of millions of customers across our global footprint, from individual consumers to large multinationals. How did we engage with them? – Digital channels, call centres and branded retail stores What were the key topics raised? – Easy access to high quality support and shorter resolution times for service related issues – Better value offers for long-term customers and improved transparency around price increases – Fast and reliable fixed internet, wider mobile coverage and faster 5G connectivity How did we respond? – B Customer experience (‘CX’) is our top priority, with global alignment behind a customer action plan and increased investment to improve experience – CX boards in all markets, continuously review customer pain points and take action with dedicated budgets – B Increased awareness of customer issues and challenges faced by the frontline through initiatives such as call centre site visits – Continued to improve digital channel effectiveness and focused on enhancing the service experience delivered by our frontline – Drove affordability of smartphones and home technology by introducing integrated trade-in, flexible financing and second-life refurbished devices – Offered support, such as free voice calls and texts, to customers affected by the tragic earthquake in Morocco and the devastating flooding in Libya – Expanded our 4G and 5G coverage – Continued progress towards closing the mobile usage gap for people across Europe and Africa – We completed the world’s first space-based 5G call on a conventional smartphone with AST SpaceMobile Our people Our people are critical to the successful delivery of our strategy. It is essential that they are engaged and embrace our purpose and values. Throughout the year we focused on a number of areas to ensure that everyone is highly motivated, and we remained focused on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and employee engagement. How did we engage with them? – Regular meetings with managers – B European Employee Consultative Committee – B Vodacom Group Employee Engagement Forum – B Executive Committee discussions – B Internal website, live webinars, newsletters and other communications posted on our internal digital platform called ’workplace’ – B Employee Speak Up channel – B Global employee surveys, including onboarding and exit surveys What were the key topics raised? – Market mergers and acquisition activity – Customer feedback – Performance management and career development – Succession and talent development – Global Pulse and Spirit Beat survey actions – Leadership behaviours to support strategic priorities – Ownership and active engagement around safety, health and

How did we respond? – Regularly updated employees on business and trading updates – Launched advanced and intermediary training for critical skills – Embedded our new performance management approach – Updated our succession and talent framework – Refreshed manager learning and support guides – Launched a new global senior leadership activation programme – Remained globally committed to safety, health and wellbeing – Continued to embed diversity and inclusion through attraction, retention, development, allyship and education Our suppliers Our business is helped by 8,000 suppliers who partner with us. These range from start-ups and small businesses to large multinational companies. Our suppliers provide us with the products and services we need to deliver our strategy and connect our customers How did we engage with them? – Supplier audits and assessments – Safety forums, events, conferences and site visits – Purpose criteria in tenders relating to planet, diversity and safety What were the key topics raised? – Driving health and safety standards – Driving towards net zero emissions in supply chains – Supplier and product innovation How did we respond? – Held quarterly safety forums – Collaborated with industry peers and suppliers through the Joint Alliance for CSR (‘JAC’) – Continued rollout of environmentally-linked supply chain finance programme Our local communities and non-governmental organisations (‘NGOs’) We believe that the long-term success of our business is closely tied to the success of the communities in which we operate. To achieve this, we engage with local communities and international NGOs across our markets. How did we engage with them? – Providing relevant products and services – Collaboration on education, health and inclusive finance projects, and on our humanitarian response to global issues including the cost-of-living crisis and war in Ukraine – Participation in multi-stakeholder working groups on policy issues – Increasing access to connectivity and digital services, by closing the digital divide, connecting more women, and connecting SMEs – Human rights topics – Environmental topics, including net zero, biodiversity and the circular economy – Delivery of global and national development goals including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) at national and international level What were the key topics raised?

wellbeing, including mental health – Progress on diversity and inclusion

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