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Financial metrics As set out in the table above, EBIT finished above the mid-point of the respective target ranges whilst service revenue and free cash flow finished between the mid and maximum point of the respective target ranges. Customers metrics An assessment of performance under the customers measures was conducted on a market-by-market basis. Each market was assessed against a number of different metrics against the following measures: – Net Promoter Score (‘NPS’) for both Consumer and Vodafone Business – defined as the extent to which our customers would recommend us. – Churn – defined as total gross customer disconnections in the period divided by the average total customers in the period. – Revenue market share (‘RMS’) – based on our total service revenue and that of our competitors in the markets we operate in. All measures utilise data from our local markets which is collected and validated for quality and consistency by independent third-party agencies where possible. Further details on our performance against each key metric is set out below. During the year we recorded strong Consumer NPS market leadership or co-leadership positions in UK, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Albania in Europe, and South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, Lesotho and DRC in Africa. Our benchmark Consumer NPS monitoring was supported with additional insight gained from launching lifecycle NPS monitoring across a number of our markets. This methodology assessed our progress against our strategic focus of reducing the number of deep detractors by asking whether customers would recommend Vodafone to friends, family or colleagues. All but one of our markets saw a reduction in deep detractors with notable progress made in Portugal, Turkey and the UK. Overall, we reduced deep detractors by 14% in Europe and 16% at a Group level - a reduction of over four million unhappy customers from the start of the year. In respect of Business NPS, we ended the performance period holding the lead position in five markets and made significant improvements in our gap to market leaders in Germany and Turkey. We have recorded broadly stable overall churn levels in our European markets. In respect of mobile, we have maintained low churn levels in Vodacom Group and in a number of our European markets. In both Germany and the UK we have seen year-on-year improvements and in the UK this has been principally driven by customer experience initiatives. In respect of our fixed services, we have recorded steady year-on-year results in Europe and improvements in Turkey and our African markets despite economic and geopolitical challenges. We have reported steady results in our overall RMS position this year with good performance reported in a majority of our markets, supported by an updated pricing strategy. We have seen year-on-year improvements in our fixed line services in markets including, but not limited to, the UK, Egypt, Greece and Czech Republic. Elsewhere in our mobile services, we have reported improvements in South Africa, Egypt, Portugal and Romania. It is within this context that performance against our customers measures during the year was judged to be above the mid point of the respective ranges for NPS and churn and at the mid point of the target range for RMS. Overall outcome 2024 annual bonus (‘GSTIP’) amounts Base salary £’000 Maximum bonus % of base salary 2024 payout % of maximum Actual payment £’000

Margherita Della Valle

1,250 760

200% 71.2% 1,780 1 200% 71.2% 631 1,2

Luka Mucic

Notes: 1. 25% of both executives’ post-tax bonus will be deferred into shares for two years. 2. Reflects bonus paid in respect of period served. Long-term incentive (‘GLTI’) award vesting in August 2024 (audited) Vesting outcome The 2022 long-term incentive (‘GLTI’) awards which were made to executives in August 2021 will vest at 48.9% of maximum in August 2024. The performance conditions for the three-year period ending in the 2024 financial year are as follows: Adjusted FCF performance – 60% of total award (€bn) TSR outperformance – 30% of total award TSR peer group Below threshold <15.00 Below threshold Below median BT Group Orange Threshold 15.00 Threshold Median Deutsche Telekom Royal KPN Maximum 17.00 Maximum 8.50% p.a. Liberty Global Telecom Italia MTN Telefónica Telefónica Deutschland ESG performance – 10% of total award Purpose pillar ESG metric for 2022 GLTI Overall ambition at time of 2022 GLTI Baseline position for 2022 GLTI Ambition for 2022 GLTI (10% of total award) Planet Greenhouse gas reduction 50% reduction from FY17 baseline by 2025 37% reduction from FY17 baseline at 31 March 2021 60% reduction from FY17 baseline by 31 March 2024

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