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101 Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2024

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Malus and clawback The Remuneration Committee reviews the incentive plan results before any payments are made to executives or any shares vest and has full discretion to adjust the final payment or vesting if they believe circumstances warrant it. In particular, the Remuneration Committee has the discretion to use either malus or clawback as it sees appropriate. In the case of malus, the award may lapse wholly or in part, may vest to a lesser extent than it would otherwise have vested or vesting may be delayed. In the case of clawback, the Remuneration Committee may recover bonus amounts that have been paid up to three years after the relevant payment date, or recover share awards that have vested up to five years after the relevant grant date. In line with best practice guidance, the key trigger events for the use of the clawback arrangements include material misstatement of results, material miscalculation of performance condition outcomes, the Executive Director’s gross misconduct, or breach of their restrictive covenants, the Executive Director causing a material financial loss to the Group as a result of reckless or negligent conduct or inappropriate values or behaviour, corporate failure or serious reputational damage. Subject to approval of this Remuneration Policy, these arrangements will be applicable to all bonus amounts paid, or share awards granted, following the 2023 AGM. The current clawback arrangements, which are set out in the Remuneration Policy approved by shareholders at the 2020 AGM, have been applicable to all bonus amounts paid, or share awards granted, since the 2020 AGM.

The Remuneration Policy table The table below summarises the main components of the reward package for Executive Directors. Fixed pay: Base salary Purpose and link to strategy To attract and retain the best talent Operation

Salaries are usually reviewed annually and fixed for 12 months commencing 1 July. Decisions are influenced by: – the level of skill, experience and scope of responsibilities; – business performance, scarcity of talent, economic climate and market conditions; – increases elsewhere within the Group; and – external comparator groups (which are used for reference purposes only) made up of companies of similar size and complexity to Vodafone. Average salary increases for existing Executive Committee members (including Executive Directors) will not normally exceed average increases for employees in other appropriate parts of the Group. Increases above this level may be made in specific situations. These situations could include (but are not limited to) internal promotions, changes to role, material changes to the business and exceptional Company performance.


Performance metrics None. Fixed pay: Pension Purpose and link to strategy

To remain competitive within the marketplace


– Executive Directors may choose to participate in the defined contribution pension scheme or to receive a cash allowance in lieu of pension. – The pension contribution or cash payment is equal to the maximum employer contribution available to our UK employees under our Defined Contribution scheme (currently 10% of annual gross salary).


Performance metrics None. Fixed pay: Benefits Purpose and link to strategy

To aid retention and remain competitive within the marketplace


– Travel-related benefits. These may include (but are not limited to) a company car or cash allowance, fuel and access to a driver where appropriate. – Private medical, death and disability insurance and annual health checks for the Executive Directors and their families. – In the event that we ask an individual to relocate we would offer them support in line with Vodafone’s relocation and international assignment policies. This may cover (but is not limited to) relocation, cost of living allowance, housing, home leave, education support, and tax equalisation and advice. – Legal and tax support fees if appropriate. – Other benefits are also offered in line with the benefits offered to other employees, for example, our all-employee share plan, mobile phone discounts, maternity/paternity benefits, sick leave, paid holiday etc. – Benefits will be provided in line with appropriate levels indicated by local market practice in the country of employment, though no monetary maximum has been set. – We expect to maintain benefits at the current level but the value of any benefit may fluctuate depending on, amongst other things, personal situation, insurance premiums and other external factors.


Performance metrics None.

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